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Winter Is Coming

Texas weather is unpredictable. If you are new to Texas it is never a bad idea to always bring a jacket with you even if it is 90 degrees out. Because it can change, quick, fast and in a hurry.

With all of this in mind, I wanted to check up on winter preparation of your home. Most claims on homes in Texas (other than wind and hail) come in the winter time, from improper prep of your home. Here are some things I would recommend you do, because Winter is Coming.

  1. Check your HVAC system. Make sure you have it serviced if it is time to do so. Also, CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTER. I have found an online service that sends me a new filter when it is time for me to change it. So, when I get it I change it. It will save you on your gas/electric bill during the winter and make sure your heater is running efficiently.

  2. Check your Water Heater. Do you want to take a cold shower in the Winter? Neither do I. So if you have a tank, you are supposed to flush it 2 times a year, and the most important flush is the one before winter. If you have a tankless water heater, if it needs service, make sure and keep up with it.

  3. CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS!!! With the leaves that are falling from the trees they will fill the gutters. If this backs them up you could wind up with water getting in the walls of your house causing big damage. Keep them cleaned out!!

  4. If you can't remember the last time you had your chimney cleaned out. It is time to do so. If you use your fireplace often in the winter, get it done every year.

  5. Check weather stripping on doors. If it is old and cracked, it is a simple do it yourself fix. You will not feel drafts coming from your doors. Windows too, you can fill gaps with silicone, or if you find it in the spring or summer, you can glaze it so it settles.

  6. Check your Attic. This is where most heat loss happens. If you can see the joist, you need more insulation, 12 inches is recommended. Also if you are in an older home and you notice animal droppings. Find where they are getting in and fix it ASAP. They will ruin your insulation, and even the wiring and duct work in your attic.

  7. Reverse your fans. Yep, that little switch on your fan will make it spin the other way. Clockwise is reverse on the fan. This will push the warm air down and get the most out of your heating unit. HOT TIP (pun intended) before you just go flipping that switch, dust the fan. Otherwise it will dust itself all over the room. Found this out the hard way.

  8. Insulate your pipes. I mean let's get real here. You may actually need this in The Great State of Texas 2 days out of the year. But, if you go ahead and do it, you will be good to go (old pool noodle and duct tape works). Last thing you want to hear is running water, and it is from the hose connection outside. It will involve brick/siding work, likely drywall and insulation to fix the whole situation. Also if your pipes freeze, open cabinets and turn the water faucet on it will start running sooner or later.

These 8 tips should keep you happy and warm during the winter. As always The Goff Insurance Group wants you to keep you from the issue of having damage to your house if it can be prevented. When you prep like this you will be ready to enjoy the holiday season to come.

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