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Veterans Day and Thank You For Your Service

Thank you to all veterans for their selfless service to our great country. From the Greatest Generation to the Greatest of their Generation we need to let the Veterans know that their Sacrifice does not go unnoticed. I was lucky enough to serve with some of the greatest soldiers in the world. From my time in Korea, Fort Lewis and Iraq I made bonds with men and women that go deeper than many can imagine.

  • Thank You For Your Service When I first got back from overseas, I got right out of the Military. ETS is what we call it. It is like the best feeling signing out of the military. Then you get to try to get back into your civilian life and it is a struggle. The biggest part for me was what to reply to, "Thank you for your service". Your welcome was always awkward, sure thing, everything was weird to me. So I was out and about with my Dad, who is a Vietnam Navy Veteran, and he was sporting his Veteran hat. A nice lady told him thank you for your service. He replied, "I was proud to serve". Man, that was it. Because, I was proud not only of my service to my country but I was proud of the men I served with and the manor of which I served.

All in All from The Goff Insurance Group. Thank You to All Veterans. What you have done for our country is immeasurable.

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