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Traits of Some of the Best Mortgage Lenders

The Goff Insurance Agency works with many of the top mortgage lenders in the State of Texas. Buying your house will likely be the largest purchase of your life, and you want it done right from start to finish. That means having the Best Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Lender, and of course, your Insurance Agent (which, if your reading this, you have found). There are some things you want to look for in your Mortgage Loan Originator.

What to look for with your Mortgage Officer

  • Make sure your lender is using exact numbers and verbiage. If you are not getting direct answers or a "let me check and find that answer," Buyer beware. Lenders I work with will do a full cost analysis and contact me for a quote so that they can get you an exact mortgage payment.

  • Make sure they have been in the industry for a bit. Many loan officers start in a call center as order takers. They get to see a lot doing that; many washes out of the business. Most of the really great loan officers keep in and become a broker.

  • Speaking of Brokers, I would highly recommend working with a loan broker. If you walk into a bank, most do not have a loan officer in house. They will outsource it to basically an order taker that can only work with one bank and get you one type of loan. Loan brokers can shop your loan for the best rate.

  • Trust recommendations from professionals. If you have found a Real Estate Agent you love or your insurance agent, they know people in the industry that will do right by you. If they trust someone with their clients, you should be able to trust them too.

A great Mortgage Officer and Real Estate Agent want to make your transaction as easy as possible, not just for you but for them. Listen to guidance, and as always, if you ever require a recommendation, you can reach out and The Goff Insurance Group, and we will give you 3+ recommendations of people to use for any industry.

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