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Liability Only Coverage: Pros & Cons

The need for excellent car insurance is a fact of life. It’s great to get extensive coverage at a low price, and saving your hard-earned money is always a good idea, but one of the most common questions we hear is whether liability-only coverage is the right choice. Let’s look at the pros and cons of liability only auto insurance.


  1. Liability only coverage is cheaper. Many drivers opt for liability only insurance to keep their monthly payment lower. Families with teen drivers can see a big hike in price, so they choose to save money by getting liability-only coverage.

  2. Older vehicles don’t warrant purchasing collision coverage. A liability only car insurance policy will not pay for repairs to a vehicle, but older cars or trucks may not be worth the price of repairs if damaged in a crash. You can find out the vehicle's blue book value to help you determine whether it’s worth the cost to get collision coverage based upon the actual value of your car or truck.


  1. Any damage to your vehicle will need to be paid out of your own pocket – and it can be pricey. Auto repair is expensive when a vehicle is damaged in a collision. Depending upon the extent of the damage, you could suffer some real sticker shock when a body shop gives you an estimate. It can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, even after just a minor fender-bender. If you have collision coverage, you only pay your deductible. No matter what year, make, or model, any valuable vehicle should have collision coverage for this reason alone.

  2. You can get a higher level of coverage for your most valuable vehicles. Your most valuable car, truck, van, or SUV should be adequately covered by collision insurance. Less valuable vehicles can be covered by liability only. Your teen driver can be covered in the lesser value vehicle but is not prohibited from driving another car. This can allow you to get cheaper rates for a young driver.

Get Strategic About Your Auto Insurance

The Goff Insurance Group can help you work out the best strategy for your car insurance, including issues surrounding liability coverage. We can explain everything in simple language and help you work out a strategy to get the best coverage at the lowest price. We can also review your existing coverage if you think it’s time for a change. We like to help our clients get the best deal on car insurance, and we are interested in saving you money while getting you the highest possible level of coverage.

We want to hear from you! Call us at 972-265-9083, and talk to us about your auto insurance – we would like to help you get the best deal out there.

For a quick quote, please fill out our form HERE, and an agent will call you.

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