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4 Tips to Get Your Teen To Drive Safe

NEWS FLASH! Did you know that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said that Teen Drivers are the Most Dangerous Drivers on the road? Main reason: Inexperience. Luckily there are things you can do to help get your kid ahead of the curve (and not into the guard rail).

  1. Clock over 100 hours in Drive Time with a Supervisor---Take time and teach them how to drive. My wife had me do the most of the work with our 16 year old. It is a tough and sometimes scary experience. But, the more practice, the better they get. Even when they get their license, let them drive you to make sure they are not picking up bad habits.

  2. Limit Passengers---Unless it is siblings, my daughter is only allowed 1 other person in the car with her. Other people can be a major distraction. Teens are also more likely to do illegal driving when more people are in the car. Peer Pressure is real, someone saying get around this guy and they are not comfortable, yet they still do it, is a recipe for disaster.

  3. NO PHONE WHILE DRIVING-- I am 6 times more likely to get into a wreck if I am texting and driving. If a teenager is doing it, it is not an if, but when a wreck is going to happen. Make it inexcusable. It is for their own safety.

  4. Wear a Seatbelt--- I hate that I even have to say this. But, I have seen kids without seatbelts. Drivers and all passengers who wear a seatbelt are 45% less likely to suffer life- threatening injuries in a car crash. Everyone wears a seatbelt.

These tips will help your Teen Driver Be Safer If you need help with your insurance, Contact The Goff Insurance Group, The Best in Insurance.

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